Okay, let's TALK!

The weird and pleasing part of gaining wisdom, is that you no longer can suffer fools and foolish conversations as well as you did previously. However, you end up speaking with them daily, especially because you still have some of the same friends and associates in the beginning of your journey.  

You know, those people who like to call you and talk at length about nothing.  Prior to your gaining wisdom, you never had anything to add to the already empty conversation.
"That's crazy...wow...I don't know what to tell you." 
Now that you have begun to read the Word and let the Holy Spirit speak through you, you now have positive and wise responses.
"What needs to change?...Only through Jesus...Seek the Kingdom...".

This will do one of two things to the other person on the phone.  As soon as you bring up God and His grace in your life, they will either get right off of the phone (saving your ear), or you will end up in a LONGER conversation!  ABOUT GOD!  You may even feel that the words coming out of your mouth are not your own.  They are probably not!  In my experience, when you seek God's wisdom, He fills you up with it and allows you to transfer His Love to whomever you are speaking with!...Unless they ain't ready!!!

God bless,


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