"Ur Mom Is Funny" is a recurring show at "Good Good Comedy Theatre" in Philadelphia, PA. Comedian Joshua and his mother competed and won against two other Comedian/Mom duos. Per show rules, the Comedians and the Moms only were allowed to see the material at the time of performance.  The surprise factor definitely added to the ensuing HILARITY!!! Here are the performances by Joshua and his mom, Shirley. ENJOY!!!

When Your Kid Gets Outside Age

At some point, your child will begin to ask to be outside with his or her 'friends'.  Out of your sight.  When you realize that "No" never worked for you, you understand that there is little you can do outside of chaining the kid to the bed.  Instead of going to jail for child abuse, you must let them go out and explore the world, however,  you must 'arm' them with the tools to survive out there.  I have young men to raise, so sometimes the tools are extreme!  Sometimes, it could be something as simple as having them understand the laws of God!


Okay, let's TALK!

The weird and pleasing part of gaining wisdom, is that you no longer can suffer fools and foolish conversations as well as you did previously. However, you end up speaking with them daily, especially because you still have some of the same friends and associates in the beginning of your journey.  

You know, those people who like to call you and talk at length about nothing.  Prior to your gaining wisdom, you never had anything to add to the already empty conversation.
"That's crazy...wow...I don't know what to tell you." 
Now that you have begun to read the Word and let the Holy Spirit speak through you, you now have positive and wise responses.
"What needs to change?...Only through Jesus...Seek the Kingdom...".

This will do one of two things to the other person on the phone.  As soon as you bring up God and His grace in your life, they will either get right off of the phone (saving your ear), or you will end up in a LONGER conversation!  ABOUT GOD!  You may even feel that the words coming out of your mouth are not your own.  They are probably not!  In my experience, when you seek God's wisdom, He fills you up with it and allows you to transfer His Love to whomever you are speaking with!...Unless they ain't ready!!!

God bless,


Joshua co-stars in "A Woman's Worth"

Comedian Joshua had a supporting role in the stage play, "A Woman's Worth".  This play was written and directed by Rick Watson at the legendary Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz and Performing Arts.  Comedian Joshua played the role of "Private Investigator Dexter Hall".  In only his second performance in a stage play, Joshua received rave reviews along with his stellar cast mates in the play.  Stay tuned for more acting and comedy performances by Comedian Joshua!


Peace of God on you....
Only some of you who read this will understand. It is entirely possible to have an actual encounter with God's presence. Such encounters have been known to have profound positive impact on the individuals involved.  I find this especially true, when the individual is not even actively seeking His presence.  There are sometimes even instances of dramatic, supernatural interactions with God that happen because He demands your attention!  When this happens, who would make the mistake of ignoring clear instructions from God?!

Not ME!!!


....to be continued.

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Saturday 4/13>Philadelphia, Pa @ The Clef Club
A Rick Watson Stage Play
Philadelphia, PA
@COMEDIANJOSHUA and check out my new IG Channel! "What's the WORD?"
God bless!


      Peace of God on you.... Only some of you who read this will understand. It is entirely possible to have an actual encounter ...